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Heron Road Community Centre


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"Heron Road is a pretty cool place, where the counsellors are nice..."

    Our experienced team of instructors has a vast amount of experience, energy and heart, which allows them to make the subjects come to life. Over a four week period they will endeavour to inspire and motivate tomorrow's leaders

  "The instructors were always smiling"

 " The instructors listened to us and let us figure everything out on our own and that helped a lot"


Hi there!
I'm glad to be part of LIT for my third year as the administrator. We have improved the progam, offering new activities and out-trips. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you this summer.
"Lord of the Ring" RULES !!!

Instructors 2003


Hi, I'm Craig Skinner and I'm back for another amazing summer with the LIT program.  I've just completed the faculty of Education program at Queen's University and I am looking forward to working with the LITs and Junior Leaders for a second summer before hopefully teaching at a school in Ottawa next year. I've worked at camps for many years and have learned many more interesting activities and games this year at Queen's and I look forward to passing them on to the teens that I work with. It should be a lot of fun.  I have extensive experience working with children with special needs and stress inclusion and excellence in everything that I do.  Finally, I am also one of the biggest Ottawa Senators fans on the planet, so I anticipate being in a very good mood all summer, thanks to a long, successfull playoff run. See you this summer!

Hi, my name is Tracy Fairfield. This is my second summer with the L.I.T. program. I've worked in day and residential camps in years past.  I loved it!  I have degrees in Child Studies and Teaching and this summer I am futhering my studies to become a Minister with the United Church of Canada. I enjoy basketball, soccer, volleyball, camping and almost any other high-energy activity.
I ready for another action packed, high energy, fun-filled summer at Heron!  Hope you can join me.


Leadership In Training

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