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Heron Road Community Centre
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Leadership In Training
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Senior Centre

 for youth 15 +
An unique opportunity for our LIT 2 graduates to gain valuable day camp experience while expanding their communication, team building and decision making skills.
Youth will complete five principles of healthy child development followed by a 2-week placement in a recreational setting, plus an in-depth look at job applications, interview skills, and workplace health and safety.

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning


Participants will also be provided with an introduction to the Duke of Edinburgh Award, which promotes leisure activities and voluntary service, as a challenge to the individual to discover the satisfaction of achievement.
Special outings will be arranged to further test leadership skills.

A great way to complete your Community involvement credit


  Included in course:

       High Five certification

       WHMIS (Workplace Hazadous Materials Infornation System)

3-day camping trip

       Special events

       Silver Duke of Edinburgh award



Leadership In Training

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